Summer Youth Robotics Academy (SYRA)

Ctrl-Z will be hosting a summer robotics camp during the summer of 2019 for the fourth year!

Over the years, FIRST FRC team 4096, Ctrl-Z, has worked hard to interact with the greater Champaign-Urbana community. During this time, we’ve run countless demonstrations, exhibitions, workshops, and camps -- all pertaining to STEM and robotics. Through these experiences, we’ve learned how to work with the youth of our community and how to inspire them to make a difference in our world. Thus, after months of planning and coordination, we are proud to present the Ctrl-Z Summer Youth Robotics Academy (SYRA), summer day camp for the fourth year. We’ve taken all the experience we’ve gained from team outreach events over the past eight years and applied it to construct one fun-filled and academically stimulating program for kids grades 3-8.

Make sure you sign up: it will lots of fun! Find out more on the SYRA website.