Saba-Z (2019)

Saba-Z (2019)

An effective jack-of-all-trades


Drive Team

Our Destination: Deep Space robot, Saba-Z, is a quick and efficient jack-of-all-trades. The drive train is an eight wheel, 3 CIM, West Coast Drive whose strategic geometry allows a full send off Hab 2. For the hatch, one cylinder operates a 4 point-of-contact beak via mechanial linkages and the performance is enhanced and automated using vision tracking. Saba-Z can manipulate its cargo with roller-fitted parallel shafts connected by an inverted polycord system to intake and also shoot. It can also climb to Hab 3 using a set of stilts and two omni wheels on the end of the cargo intake to pull it forward. Saba-Z is our second robot to make it to Worlds and we are hoping for many more to follow its lead. 

Saba-Z's code can be found here!