Tall-E (2015)

Tall-E (2015)

A quick & precise stacker

2015 Recycle Rush (2015)

Tall-E was designed to play the 2015 game, Recycle Rush. Tall-E had a mecanum drive train that was shaped like a "U" so that is had space in the middle for totes. There were two towers on either side of the "U" drive train that had sliding pistons which could move up and down. There were steel cables wound up by a gearbox that was used to lift the pistons. The towers could compress and release to pick up and let go of totes and recycling bins as needed throughout the game, using the sliding pistons to move them up and down.


Midwest Regional

Apr 1st - 4th

Chicago, IL, USA

24th place (5-7-0)


  • FIRST Dean's List Finalist Award

Central Illinois Regional

Mar 18th - 21st

Peoria, IL, USA

8th place (8-9-0)

No awards earned