Atla-Z (2018)

Atla-Z (2018)

A fast, effective, jack-of-all-trades

2018 Power Up (2018)

Our Power Up robot, Atla-Z, was a quick and effective scale and switch bot. The drivetrain is a six wheel, four CIM, West Coast Drive with four traction wheels in the center and back and two omni wheels in the front, used to make turning smoother. It uses four compliant wheels to quickly intake any cube that it touches. It has a fast two stage elevator that raises more than six feet to easily place cubes on the scale. The intake can both throw out a cube using the compliant wheels and drop a cube using pistons that open up the arms of the intake. For the FIRST Championship, we added a quick climber that was released using a servo. This robot took us to the finals at Central Illinois and survived six competitions, the most any Ctrl-Z robot has done yet!

Atla-Z's code can be found here!


Archimedes Division

Apr 25th - 28th

Detroit, MI, USA


No awards earned

Midwest Regional

Apr 4th - 7th

Chicago, IL 60607, USA


No awards earned

Central Illinois Regional

Mar 14th - 17th

Peoria, IL 61625, USA



  • Regional Chairman's Award
  • Regional Finalists

Rock River Offseason Competition

Jul 28th

Rockford, IL, USA


No awards earned

Boiler Bot Battle

Oct 27th

West Lafayette, IN, USA


No awards earned