Member Fees


There are three basic fees associated with being a member of Ctrl-Z.  However, we want to include everyone, so if the costs are a concern, please contact the coaches and the treasurer at

Registration Fee - $80 / Student

  • Due annually, in September, or immediately when joining the team.
  • $20 is 4-H program fee (may be prorated with U of I Extension approval).
  • $60 helps pay for food & snacks during the build season.

Volunteer Fees - $200 / Family

  • Due annually, in September, or immediately when joining the team (then prorated by month).
  • It's calculated based on $20 per month for 10 months (May and Dec are “off” months for the team).
  • These volunteer fees may be partially or fully refunded, or applied to travel fees, if the parent(s) volunteer an average of 4 hours per month, prorated. So a parent that volunteers 3 hours/month on average, receives a credit of $15/month. But as soon as you have volunteered 40 hours, you get a $200 credit.
  • Go to our Parents Website to find the forms to volunteer and register.
  • Don't worry, we keep track of your Volunteer Attendance at all Team events.

Travel Fees - varies, ~ $200 / Student / Competition

  • Actual amount depends on how many students travel, and our fixed costs.