Current Families

Parents are a very important part of our Ctrl-Z team. They support the team in many ways, including assisting with transportation, budgeting, tool safety, and much more. We are very appreciative of the time and effort that Ctrl-Z parents have chosen to dedicate to help make our robotics team better in all regards.


The FRC fiscal year coincides with the school year, running from September to August. The build/competition season is January to April. We take the months of May and December off, and the off-season is June to November. New students are welcome to join anytime between May and December (i.e., before the build/competition season begins in January). To join the team, students must register with 4-H, give their info to the coach or form volunteer so that they can be put into our system for attendance and costs tracking, and fill out and return the Student Medical Form to the coach or form volunteer. Please visit our Member Fees page to determine the costs associated with being on our team.  Payments may be put in the locked silver box at the shop.


Adults who would like to help the team in anyway are asked to register with 4-H , fill out and return the Adult Medical Form to the coach or form volunteer, and be screened by the U of I Extension. The Adult Volunteer Screening Packet contains the forms to be returned to the team coach or form volunteer. Or you may return them directly to the Extension Office, but let us know, so that we know you'll soon be screened and ready to help us out!  The Extension Office will screen you by running a background check and calling your references, before you are able to work with the kids, but the screening is good for 5 years. College mentors must register and fill out and return these forms as well.