The team's old website was created and designed by, now graduated, Nathan Petersen. He used FRC and Ctrl-Z as an oppurtunity to learn web developing, and a place to create something that many people would use. Ctrl-Z's first website was hand-made by Nathan using no frameworks or WISYWIG editors. This forced Nathan to learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP to a high level; for example, in regards to CSS, he could not "cheat" and simply use Bootstrap's class-based CSS system.

Nathan learned a lot about web development throughout the creation of the website, but he soon discovered a critical flaw: no one else on the team knew how to update the content. Since everything about the website was strictly code, there was no Content Management System, or CMS, for the team to use to keep the content fresh and up-to-date. Nathan was forced to update anything and everything that needed changing. While he enjoyed helping, he was unavailble during some periods of time that the website needed updating. Because of this, Nathan set out to recreate the entire website using a CMS system so that once graduated and away from Ctrl-Z, his successors could easily keep Ctrl-Z's web presence up-to-date.

Content Management System

The current Ctrl-Z website uses an open-source CMS called ProcessWire. According to its website, ProcessWire is "a friendly and powerful open source CMS with an exceptionally strong foundation."